Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ups and Downs and Thanks!!!

Cardinal Faithful ....

If you haven't seen already we can up a bit short in our quest to win the program's 9th National title a few days ago at the Honors Course in TN. We had a great season and the NCAA finals were no different. I think the thing that sticks out about the tournament were the highs and lows and high drama that the team dealt with all week. It was really exciting the whole way ....

High ... Stanford comes back from a slow start the first two rounds of stroke play to get within the "top eight" number the final round with 9 holes to play.

Low .... The guys make a few bogies coming in the final round to end up just one shot out of the top 8 for match play but there are still schools on the course that can affect the final outcome.

High ... San Diego makes 5 bogies on the last hole to let us back in the top 8 and into a playoff the next morning to determine if we qualify for match play.

High ... Stanford plays the first set of playoff holes 2 under par (our best four out of 5 scores) to advance with San Diego and knocking out Arizona State to the second hole of the playoff.

High ... Stanford plays the second set of playoff holes 1 under par (our best four out of 5 scores) to get to match play ....

High / Low .... Stanford draws team medalist Oklahoma State in the first round.

High ... Stanford is up early in all the matches against OSU

Low ... OSU comes back to catch us with stellar putting and solid play to beat us 4 to 1 in the first match ... season ends.

High ... the body of the work from the season speaks for itself .... 3 team wins, a top-5 ranking all year, multiple all conference selections, a Palmer Cup selection, and a season that will be remembered as one of our best.

High ... prospects for next year .... Joseph Bramlett is only loss in starting 5 and Cameron Wilson and Shane Lebow join the squad with huge potential.

Thanks to all of you for following and supporting our team this year! We will be back!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Two rounds in the book ....

Cardinal Faithful:

We have finished up two rounds here in the NCAA Championship at the Honors Course in Chattanooga, TN. The guys have fought hard over the last few days and are very close to the magic number ... the top eight teams that qualify for match play.

We haven't had our best round yet and I believe it will come tomorrow. We need to hit the ball in the fairway a few more times off the tee and we will be in good shape. Big numbers have also been our nemesis so far and our goal is to eliminate the "others". The course is very demanding so I am sure the scores will rise with the tension of the last day of stroke play. I am sure the greens will continue to firm up as well.

Exciting stuff!

More to come.....

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