Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fall Wrap-Up

Hello Cardinal Faithful,

It is hard to believe that we have five tournaments behind us, a trip to Scotland,and the fall season winding down! Thanks to everyone for checking out my blog!

On the team front, the guys are home this week for the Thanksgiving holiday and enjoying some time off. Time off is all relative, some guys are competing, and most are working out and practicing a bunch in anticipation of the events that lie ahead in our schedule. I wish we had more of an off season but nowadays with top level D1 athletics, there really isn't time off for the successful guys. Maybe a week or two here and there but that is it! I am impressed everyday by our team and the workload they tackle with their academic and athletic pursuits.

We finished the fall ranked #13 in Golfstat, and #15 in Golfweek ... not bad for this time of year considering the strength of schedule we played as well as the fact we were without Cameron Wilson for a few events and Andrew Yun who was away at Q-School. I was really proud of how our guys came to play every tournament. Lasting memories and positive vibes were had by all. It was neat to see the younger guys really contributing as well which is key to our depth and prospects as we get closer to the NCAA's. I cant wait to see where this group can go this spring. We will be focusing on our short game with our extra work this winter for sure! There were a ton of highlights to rember but Patrick Rodgers' two wins and Cameron Wilson's 61 will be hard to overlook.

We are really excited about the recruiting class we have put together as well for next year with our NLI announcement last week. If you want three guys that can make a difference for any program and make their mark ...I think you can find them coming to the Farm.

We are really lucky to have a tremendous amount of support for what we do as a team. From the support within Athletics to the people that do things for our program that go unnoticed everyday ... we are very fortunate. One example is this very website that was built, is run, and updated everyday by Bob Stevens. Bob won't take a dime, is always on the ball, and knows more Stanford Golf History than anyone. We are so lucky to have Bob's help! Another example is the volunteer crew that we have here at the course that works all of our events. A tremendous groups of people ... the chairs, Jeff, Dan, Sue, and Anne put in countless hours of organization to make Stanford Golf events all that they are and we are tremendously thankful. All of it is done on their own time and founded in their passion to help! A special kudos to Sue Epstein for being recognized as the Chauvel Cup recipient this year which goes to the Stanford Golf Volunteer who goes above and beyond the call of duty! Many are qualified but only one can win....

As I sign off I wish everyone a safe and healthy Holiday Season and want to say thanks for the support you give our program. We are training amazing leaders here and I feel fortunate to play a small role in the process!

Fairways and Greens and Go Cardinal!