Sunday, February 13, 2011

Siebel Varsity GTC - PowerPlay Challenge 2/13/11

Cameron Wilson fired an impressive 27 points today to win the first of a series of PowerPlay Challenge events held over the world renowned Siebel Varsity Golf Training Complex.

The PowerPlay version of the game is fun to use in training because its two-flag, risk-reward format offers many opportunities for players to excel through their decisiveness and and ability to execute great golf shots when the consequence stakes are ramped up.

When Cameron hit his 280yard 3wood to just 15 feet on the final hole and had a putt for an eagle on a PowerPlay pin (worth 8points), a runaway 33 point total was on the cards. Ultimately, his "three putt par" proved not to be costly this time around. In a game where a simple "short-sided" error on the final hole can mean the difference between a fancy 24 points or meager 16 points, at least two players were to fall foul of that scenario. Meanwhile, Andrew Yun (playing with Sihwan Kim in the final pairing) might well have snatched victory from CW with a final birdie, however, the firm "Blasi Green" rocketed his ball long and over the out-of-bounds fence onto the 2nd hole of the Stanford Golf Course. Sihwan duly rolled home a birdie to leapfrog his way into 2nd place!

Here is the full rundown of scores:
Rank Player Points
1 Cameron Wilson 27
2 Sihwan Kim 24
3 Graham Brockington 23
(4) Coach Rowe 21
4 Andrew Yun 20
5= Andre Dedecker 16
5= Steven Kearney 16
5= Shane Lebow 16

Here is Sihwan Kim's scorecard for the 24 points that earned him second place: