Monday, September 15, 2008

Cardinal Golf Classic Recap and Here we Go!!!

The Cardinal Golf Classic for 2008 is in the books. We had a great day on the Farm last Friday afternoon and were able to make some very valuable dollars that help our team along the way. Thanks to everyone who participated and for all of your support. A special congratulations to the team of Jack and Rhodine Gifford, Daryl Donovan, and Rick Disney for their scorching hot round of 41 net. That was good enough to be crowned our champions for 2008 and win the crystal. Tremendous golf!

One person that we should take some time out to remember when we talk about the Cardinal Golf Classic is Kent winton who was one of the original founders of the Watson Tournament years ago (now named the Cardinal Golf Classic). Kent passed away earlier in the year and I have to admit the event on Friday felt like we were missing something. The only thing I can think of was Kent's presence. Kent loved the Watson, fighting for 1st place, and all of the fun to be had on our great day. He will be missed.

I also failed to thank Dr. Doug Yarris for his generous donation of all the wine we enjoyed for dinner and tee prizes. "Hope and Grace" is the label you need to look for! We really appreciate the gesture Doc!

The team is off tomorrow to the Chicago area for our first event of the new season at Olympia Fields, site of the 2003 US Open. Come back and visit for results. We are all hoping for good things. Also, one of our freshmen David Chung will be posting a few paragraphs when we get home about his experiences during his first collegiate event so please keep a look out for that.

Until then... here is to birdies and a Cardinal win. Fairways and Greens!

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