Sunday, May 30, 2010

Almost there ....

Hi Cardinal Faithful!

I hope to update my blog this week a few more times to keep you tuned in on our trip to the NCAA Finals in Chattanooga, TN at the Honors Course!

We are excited to get going tomorrow with our practice round at 9am. The guys spent today resting, practicing, and getting ready for the start of the week. We practiced today at UT - Chattanooga's new practice facility. A great spot to work out the kinks and thanks to Coach Mark Guhne for his hospitality. It was good to spend some time hitting and chipping off the Bermuda grass ... a tad different than what we see in CA.

Tomorrow we play at 9am in our practice round. It sounds like the course will be a real test. A drive in the rough and a wedge back to the fairway if you are not careful. The practice round is test in patience as there will be 30 teams on the course all trying to take in as much as they can before round 1.

We play the first round Tuesday starting at 12:12 off the 10th tee and then Wednesday we go early with the first time at 7am. Our pairing is with Oregon and Oklahoma State so everyone is excited about playing with two other very talented teams.

We will see what happens! Go Cardinal and more to come......

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