Monday, April 25, 2011

Stanford Golf Course - Top 5 Spectator Viewing Spots

As you will know, The Pac-10 Men's Golf Championships will be hosted at Stanford next weekend April 29th - May 1st. Spectators ENTRY IS FREE !

Here is a countdown of the best spots to watch some of the Nation's best players in action on the Stanford Golf Course:

5. 8th/12th/13th holes -

A favorite spot for the golfing connoisseur who likes to watch a bit of everything. From this vantage point you can watch mid iron shots to the 8th hole par 3, drives on the 13th hole par 4 and second shots/chip shots around the 12th hole par 4 signature hole (with the tree in the fairway!)

4. 1st Tee -

Nerves will be jangling over this opening teeshot from elevation. Never mind the Red Barn on the left, players know that a good drive down the fairway will set up a birdie or an eagle but the thick rough either side of the fairway will make their work difficult.

From the vantage point adjacent to the 1st tee there is plenty of activity from the practice putting green, pro-shop and clubhouse.

3. 9th Green -

Sit in the bleachers or on the grass bank and watch some middle of the round action on this interesting par four where players take their drives over the trees and hazard into the fairway. A good drive leaves just a short iron to the green but it is made complicated by uneven stances and a putting surface that is up out of view. Beware some challenging pin positions on this green that has always been notorious for 3 putts!

Close by from this area you can also watch some bombed drives from the 10th and 12th tees.

2. 14th Green -
The grass banks around the 14th green provide a natural stadium that is just as impressive for spectators as it will be for the players themselves as they hit mid irons across the ravine with the beautiful S flowerbed in backdrop.

It is a perfect place to camp out and watch groups pass through or keep an eye on approach shots to the 11th green and teeshots from the 12th tee.

1. 18th Green -
This is the place where all the highs and lows of the previous two days will culminate in victory for one Pac-10 team and Individual Champion. Sit out on the terrace or in the bleachers with a cool beverage and keep an eye on the giant electronic scoreboard as players and teams jockey for the top spot on the leaderboard. Be sure not to miss the winning putt which will be somewhere between 1pm and 3pm on Sunday May 1st!


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